Premium clothing brand The King of Games is launching a pop-up shop in Tokyo

Premium Japanese clothing brand The King of Games is opening a pop-up shop in Tokyo next month.The brand, which is owned by Kyoto-based Edit Mode, will be opening the limited-time shop in the Shibuya district between July 3 and July 15.The store will be located at Shibuya PARCO, which is also the location of the Nintendo Tokyo store, the Shibuya Pokémon Center and Capcom Store Tokyo.As well as selling its usual products, it will also be selling new products in advance, and displaying samples of upcoming products.The King of Games brand was established when Edit Mode signed a licensing agreement with Nintendo in 2002. The company has been making officially approved Nintendo designs ever since.The pop-up store marks the first time in 14 years that The King of Games will be selling its apparel at Shibuya PARCO. The company credits the popularity of its last pop-up shop there in 2010 as the reason it didn’t end the brand.“The 11-day The King of Games t-shirt exhibition kicked off at 10 am on Thursday May 27, 2010,” the company says.“‘What if no one comes?’ ‘What if we don’t sell a single item?’ The negative paranoia that had been weighing on us disappeared in an instant right after it opened.“11 days later, we reached our goal of an unexpected, dream-like huge success. Since this event, The King of Games has become loved by many people. We are proud to return to Shibuya PARCO, which supported us through the toughest and most difficult times, for the first time in 14 years.”Details on the items being sold at the pop-up store can be found on the Edit Mode website.

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